Creating a menu for your restaurant is no easy task. We recommend you hire a professional restaurant menu printing designer to make sure your menu is the best it can be. However, if you wish to design one on your own, here are 3 super important things to be mindful of when creating your restaurant menu.

#1 Dont Use Fancy Fonts

Fancy or italic fonts for descriptions are not good to use on menus. Our eyes have been trained to read books and newspapers and online text in roman style fonts.

#2 Don’t Line Up Prices

Prices lined up in one column can have a negative outcome. You don’t want diners selecting by price. You want them to read the menu and be enticed by a well-written description.

#3 NO Dollar Signs!

Dollar signs are the enemy. You don’t want to remind your customer they are spending money.

Looking for more restaurant menu design tips and advice, check out this excellent article on restaurant menu design.

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