Creating A Unique Restaurant Menu

Nov 25, 2019 | Menu Design, Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant Menu Design | 0 comments

There is more to a unique restaurant menu than stand out food choices. Let’s take a minute and look more carefully at menu design and why using waterproof die-cut paper opens up a huge world of possibilities to the way you can design your menu.

Good looking, unique restaurant menus are one of the cornerstones to successful restaurants and it is a way to have a great first impression with patrons, but only if the menu is done right.

Think of the last time you were at a restaurant and the menu really caught your eye by surprise. Maybe it was a graphic of a frothing beer mug or an illustration of a cow with different beef cuts designated throughout it. Or maybe it was a colorful ice cream cone in the dessert section.

Whatever it was, some aspects of the menu outside of the dish choices got your attention.

Something well known among successful restaurateurs is that a restaurant’s menu is the first thing patrons will truly criticize or praise.

When you utilize a unique looking restaurant menu page you make a standard flip open menu something different, something that engages the diner and holds their focus for much longer. It is also completely customizable and perfect for changing on a regular basis. This is one of its biggest advantages.

You have the ability to make regular changes and test different items, add some, remove others, change in the middle of the dinner rush; it leaves you a whole level of freedom that other menus simply cannot.

You don’t need tacky laminated menus or sports memorabilia throughout your restaurant to stand out from other local competing restaurants. When you combine a great-looking material, size, thickness to your menu and then add unique looking pages, you bring things to another level.

Hit the drawing board with flexibility in mind. Many popular restaurants will change menu items regularly and by adding unique restaurant menu pages, you have the option to do it in your good looking menu, you won’t need to use simple computer looseleaf anymore.

Consider using premium or stock paper waterproof menu paper as well. This will keep your menus better for longer (spills, stains, and food will not damage them), but also things like rips and tears will not cause damage when you go with a premium waterproof material.

Diners will also feel this difference with a few other senses. Feel is important and great materials will stick out over cheaper menus. Also, you have the visual experience of opening and reading a menu, this too engages the senses of diners.

Menus can be terrible/poor/ok/good/great/magnificent, so where will you restaurant’s unique restaurant menu fall?

By adding just a few of these thoughts we’ve gone over here in mind, you can make a completely unique restaurant menu. Don’t use stock images or stock phrases, and avoid stock dishes where you can, make it your own and make it your restaurants’.

You should be proud of your menu choices and also its design. Make it a cornerstone of your restaurant and something that people will remember long after dessert.