Types of Restaurant Menu Paper Material

Aug 22, 2019 | Menu Design, Restaurant Menu Design, Restaurant Menus | 0 comments

Deciding what type of restaurant menu paper material you want to use for your food menu is a question restaurateurs and managers will tackle prior to opening and possibly later when opened. Depending on the type of restaurant you operate certain menu options will be more suitable than others. Does your restaurant have a new menu each week? Specials daily? Is your menu set like a diner?

Here we’ll look at the main differing factors and options when choosing your restaurant menu paper material.


We are all familiar with lamination. From our young school days of course, but it can also be an effective protective layer for restaurant menus. It is used regularly for menus, outdoor signs, posters, and flyers. If possible, avoid lamination, it projects a “cold old time diner feel.” However, if you are a diner, go for it

Is Lamination or Waterproof Menu Paper Right For My Restaurant?

If your restaurant is a fine dining establishment than you should probably not be going with lamination. But if your restaurant is a family friendly place with lots of children coming through the doors, a popular sports bar, a barbecue place with lots of sauces, or other restaurants where it would make sense to have a protected menu, lamination or waterproof menu sheets is a great choice as it’s cost effective and lasts a long time.

Waterproof Paper

Maybe the best option for your restaurant menu paper material is to use waterproof menu paper. This is different than lamination. Lamination conveys a whole different image than waterproof menu sheets. The waterproof menu sheets feel more luxurious while lamination is hard and cold.

You should consider using waterproof menu sheets as it is also long lasting and cost effective. These waterproof menu sheets are also very durable being mostly tear-resistant and stain proof. All you need to refresh your menus is mild soap soft and damp cloth. Do not use degreasers or bleach rags to clean these menus.

Leather Bound or Larger Folding Menus

This type of restaurant menu paper material will be best suited for fine dining restaurants where you open the menu like a book to see the available options. It is relatively easy to use and lasts a long time. It also allows for easy changing and updating of the menu. Normal card stock restaurant menu paper can be used and placed on each page.

So, Which Material Should I Use?

Your budget and style of restaurant will determine the best restaurant menu paper material for your restaurant. Fine dining restaurants should go the route of leather bound menus with paper on the inside because of the various reasons listed above. Menus for sports bars and kid friendly restaurants should go with waterproof paper.

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