Restaurant Menus In A Post COVID-19 World

Jun 18, 2020 | Menu Design, Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant Menu Design, Restaurant Menus, Uncategorized | 0 comments

COVID-19 has changed the way restaurants are presenting their menus and has created new challenges.

The important issue is: What will make the customer feel most comfortable?

The biggest challenge for the restaurant owner will be time. With limited seating capacity at 25% (going to 50%), turning tables as quickly as possible is paramount.

Some restaurants are trying a scanned QR code that will open the restaurant’s menu on the customer’s phone for ordering. From there, a runner will bring the customer’s food to the table and the customer will pay the bill from their phone as well.

With this option, the customer will first scan and read the menu on their phone; go through each section; navigate the options, i.e., medium rare burger, hold the dressing or dressing on the side, etc., and make their selections. The bill will have to be processed and paid by credit card, paypal or other. A major drawback for this option is that not everybody has the latest technology on their phone. How would that be addressed?

Another much faster option, would be a disposable menu that the customer can view, order and take with them. The menu would have all the information necessary to order online or call for delivery or curbside pick-up in the future as an added value. The disposable menu could also be used with an individually wrapped golf pencil that the customer could use to circle their selection and write any special requests directly on the menu.

Also consider an oversized placemat with your menu printed on it. This may make the customer feel comfortable and not wonder if the table was disinfected

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