Restaurants After COVID-19: What To Know

May 28, 2020 | Menu Design, Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant Menu Design | 0 comments

As we evolve from this pandemic that has totally changed the way restaurants will serve their customers, here are a few things to consider for restaurants after Covid-19.


Disposable single-use paper menus with be the standard for restaurants after Covid 19. For the diners perceived safety and your physical ability to sanitize every menu after every meal you will be needing thousands. Today’s digital technology can produce a single sheet menu up to 13×19 inches and a trifold menu up to 12 x24 (folded to 12×8).

Another option will be a bar code scanner that some restaurants are using to order at the table from iPhone, no servers, runner s bring to the table.

Because of the large disposable single-use quantities you can preprint a sheet with your full-color logo or other color graphics and then print just your menu items in the quantities you require for a determined time period or seasonally.

For example: Preprint 50,000 sheets with the full-color logo or graphic only. Then for the winter season take 10,000 of those 50,000 and print the menu text in black ink. This will be the most cost-effective way to produce your menus.

These disposable single-use menus will allow you to inform the customer they can keep them and that it has all the details to ordering online for delivery or pick up from your direct site which will save them and you the extra charges from the delivery service companies – a smart move for restaurants after Covid 19.

Also, restaurants after Covid 19 should consider disposable placemats as an additional vehicle to promote special stay at home offerings and meal packages. And tabletop Kraft brown paper sheets: Full-size single-use paper sheets that cover the whole tabletop that is disposable after each seating.

Delivery for Restaurants After Covid-19

Meal packages and delivery/pick-up/curbside service will become necessary at this time and become a part of how restaurants will operate in the future to compensate for the reduced capacity due to restrictions.

Although GrubHub, and the other similar services will follow, have reduced their delivery fee from 30% to 15%, you should consider, if you haven’t, your own delivery online ordering site, which we can build for you, to eliminate the above-noted fees and using some of your furloughed employees as drivers. With limited seating capacities, delivery and curbside will be an essential means of generating sales going forward for restaurants after Covid 19.

Some of you have your own ordering sites and some have Uber, Grubhub, Seamless, or others that control the direction of a web surfer to their ordering window which commits you and your customer to their fee structure.

The consumers and you will benefit from not paying extra online ordering fees and not to mention you can’t afford to pay 15 to 30% fees for those services. Setting up your own ordering/delivery site starts with typing a word document with your complete menu offerings. No need to get fancy now, just need a simple site to place orders for delivery or pick up and obtaining credit card information.

We can set that up with standard templates. Also now more than ever your social media presence must be expanded.