Restaurants have been using laminated menus for years. It is a cheap and easy way to protect your menus. These menus can withstand spills and stains, but they are not completely waterproof! The laminated menus, for the best protection, require an edge seal which is not very attractive and looks diner-ish and after a short time will split open. Without the edge seal water will seep in between the layers and stain the paper. This is why waterproof menu paper is making the difference in menu production. It is one layer, no edge required, wont split, fray or stain and is becoming the most popular menu choice in restaurants and food venues around the world.

Environmentally Friendly

Obviously the most important reason to have waterproof menu paper instead of laminated menus is that waterproof menus are more environmentally friendly than laminated ones. Laminated menus are made using certain non eco-friendly plastics. In contrast, waterproof menus are made using materials that are made from recycled treeless products

Cost Effective

Waterproof menus are more cost-effective than laminated menus in the long run. Although laminated menus are somewhat durable, they can still become damaged and unsightly over time. Restaurants will have to replace them more often which will create an unnecessary expense. Waterproof menus are more durable, will last longer and reduce extra expenses.

Design Options

Because of the texture and feel of our waterproof menu product the colors will be more vibrant and the customer will feel a nice texture instead of cold plastic.

In summary, the transition from laminated menus to waterproof menus is a good next step for any restaurant. Not only are they more sanitary, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, they will last longer. With their many benefits, it is no wonder that more and more restaurants are making the switch to waterproof menus.

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